Jacques Séférian Matthiessen. Born 1960 in Copenhagen. Danish father and French/Arminian mother.

Started with theatre in 1977 as a: Mimer, dancer, physical performer, clown and actor. In 1986 started to write plays and to direct, especially in the field of theatre for children and youth. Has written more than 50 plays and directed more than 60. Has been working in many countries: Russia, Italy, France, Nepal, Tanzania, Turkey, Spain, Uganda, Lebanon, Croatia, Mali, Uruguay, Burkina Faso… In 2007 founded the theatre organization ‘Passepartout Theatre Production’ to create the framework for intercultural stage art for children and youth (and in 2012 ‘Prospero Performing Arts Centre’ as a Nordic platform for intercultural exchange of knowledge in the field of performing arts for young audience.) (Working with CSR.)




In the shadow of

the sun


Good Night

Ugly Duckling